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Bobby Martin

Bobby Martin



Name: Bobby Martin

Current Position: General Sales Manager/National Sales Manager WVOC-AM, WCOS-AM, WLTY-FM

Work Experience/Education: 1981 graduate of University of South Carolina with a BA in Radio and Television/Journalism.

Started part-time with WCOS-FM as an announcer in January 1977 and have been working with the Clear Channel family of stations in Columbia ever since.

Favorite "Radio" Moment: My favorite Radio memory happened while I was in the 5th grade and appeared on the morning show for WCOS-AM at the time. I was selected by the principal of my school to be a part of the School Lunch Menu segment that they aired each morning. Guess I knew then that Radio was what I wanted to do when I grew up.

Favorite Aspects of Job: The most gratifying part of my career has been developing long-standing relationships with our customers/clients, helping them to achieve their marketing goals and, more recently over the last 10 years, working with and managing our very talented sales team.

Hobbies: My hobbies include salt water aquariums, home improvement projects, gardening/yard work and college sporting events.



Bobby Martin
General Sales Manager/National Sales




About me: Having grown up an "Army brat," my parents and I moved from Germany to Columbia while I was in the 5th grade when Dad was stationed at Fort Jackson. I attended high school and college as a resident of Columbia, which I now call home. Originally from Georgia, I guess you might say I am truly a Southerner, except for my time in Europe.I have a great affinity for our country and those men and women who serve in our Armed Forces because I have had the privilege to live it as a family member and understand the immense sacrifice(s) that the service members and their families make.

While I was a freshman at USC, I was fortunate enough to work part-time at WCOS-FM while I worked to achieve my BA in Journalism, was president of my fraternity (Lambda Chi Alpha), a member of the marching band and pep band and was also a member of the honorary service fraternity (Kappa Kappa Psi). By the time I became a junior, I was working full-time as the Assistant Program Director, Music Director and Production Director. Then, after a brief stint as a Road Manager for a Country entertainer, I returned to the radio station and launched my sales career representing WCOS-FM from 1982 until 1991 when I was promoted to General Sales Manager for WVOC-AM. I have a passion for Radio and honestly could not imagine doing anything other than what I do each and every day. Except on the weekends---I do enjoy my time at home by the pool with my friends and family gathered around; working in the yard; attending USC football games; and, doing all the other million things that seems to make weekends pass so quickly. But then, on Monday morning, I'm right back where I love to be.