Ice Storm Means Dangerous Travel

Ice Storm Means Dangerous Travel

At least one traffic fatality in the Midlands is being linked to the winter storm.     

The Highway Patrol says a woman died about 8:25 Tuesday morning along I-95 in Clarendon County.

Her car skidded into a pickup legally parked on the shoulder of the interstate.  The truck belongs to the state Department of Natural Resources.

Troopers say a Ridgeway woman was also killed in a crash in Fairfield County Tuesday morning when she lost control of her vehicle.

Snow began to fall in the county Tuesday, but officials have not said if that wreck is weather-related.

Plenty of other crashes were this week, even though motorists generally have heeded pleas by the governor and the Highway Patrol to stay home unless they have an emergency.

Troopers says during the 24-hour period from 6 o'clock Tuesday evening to 6 on Wednesday evening, there were more than 730 collisions compared to about 400 last year.

There were more than 550 calls for motorist assistance, compared to 200 last year.

And there were 117 abandoned vehicles compared to 23 last year.  




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